Persian Treasures Slots

In the ancient world, Persia was one of the great empires. Persia made even the ancient Greeks tremble. Persian Treasures Slots takes you back to a time when this ancient empire ruled. In these days, Persia was known for great riches and treasure. If you're lucky, you will get to add some of these treasures to your pocket before you leave.

Inside the Persian Temple

This game takes you inside an ancient Persian temple, a hidden tomb perhaps or the storeroom of some great palace. There are huge statues, carvings on the walls and torches casting a glowing light over the space. Look closely, and you will even see gems glittering amongst the coins. You will be surrounded by the art, design and colors that were used in ancient Persia.

What You Will Find on the Reels

This game has a classic slots design, five reels and three rows. As they spin, your screen will fill with vivid color. You will see glittering gems and letters from the alphabet in pretty color tones of purple, green, blue and red go whizzing by as you spin the reels. You will also see golden wild symbols. The more matching symbols you see, the better. When they line up the right way, you end up winning...and winning is what it's all about!

How to Play the Game

Choose to bet as little as $2 or go up as high as $20 to get a bigger payout. And if you want to put some more money into the pot to sweeten things up a little, just click the bonus bet option. At any point, click the bonus bet button to increase your wager by $5. When this is activated, you have a chance to win multipliers and win lots more money every time the reels spin.

Exploring the Ancient Temple

The look of this game honors the ancient world. The treasures you will see all over the design represent the money you can win by playing this game. Since the ancient days, people have sought riches and gold and glory and shiny things. But because the modern world exists now, you can stay at home and find treasure. You won't have to discover a hidden temple or go into the desert.

Playing Persian Treasures Slots

Digital casinos carry Persian Treasure Slots. Look for the piles of gold and the ancient design and you're in the right place.