Chunky Monkey Slots

When you think about different casino games, at some point you are absolutely sure to think about the slots. The very first casinos had slot machines in them and what casinos learned is that people really like to play the slots. So over the years, lots of casinos haven't bothered to change slots all that much. But now, slots has changed. Now, there is Chunky Money Slots. This game has its own thing going on. And after you play for a while, this game just might be your thing.

Inside a Tropical World

With all the technical innovations and all the apps and websites and stuff you can do these days, life gets pretty busy. There are a lot of flashing screens, dancing graphics, a lot of movement and motion and frankly, it can all get pretty exhausting. The background of Chunky MOney Slots is calming and soothing, without any movement or motion in the background. It's just a gorgeous tropical beach scene with lots of crystal clear blue water, gorgeous blue skin and luscious green leaves everywhere.

As the Reels Spin

The game board has three reels, which is pretty standard. But what's different about this game board is how uncluttered it is. In most slots games, every single row on the reels has symbols on it. That's not what you'll find there. There are gaps between the symbols on the reels, blank spaces where there are no symbols at all. This makes the symbols that are on the reels even more important. You will see bananas, of course, because monkeys love bananas. You'll also see the lucky number 7, which is a classic slots game symbol.

A Simplified Slots Game

In a world where so many casino games are busy and full of colors and graphics, this is a simplified slots game where the design is sleek and streamlined It's not too busy, it's just simple. That makes Chunky Monkey Slots easy to play.

Making Money with Chunky Monkey Slots

You choose how much your bet based on how your luck might be falling on the reels. Use your own hunches to bet as low as $0.50 to take the smallest possible risk. Or, take your bet all the way up to $25 if you feel that luck is about to smile upon you. But you'll also notice an extra little box off to the size. When you match up certain symbols, like the lucky number 7, the symbol goes into this box and just like that, you get more ways to win and bigger payouts when you do.

Where to Play Chunky Monkey Slots

Are you ready to spend some time in a virtual beach environment surrounded by green leaves and bananas? Look for the tropical beach and you know you've found the right game.