Doragon's Gems Slots

Have you ever imagined being swept up in a grand adventure? Wouldn't it be awesome to be the hero in some fantasy story? Maybe you'll wield a sword, or shoot magical arrows. Maybe you'll save the day, battle the forces of good and evil. But almost always, you can expect to find magical treasures, beautiful enchanted locations and of course, really cool-looking dragons. You are going to find all of that in Doragon's Gems Slots.

Dragonslayer or Dragon Rider?

The world of Doragon's Gems Slots makes you into an enchanted forest. You will see shades of purple and green everywhere, soft blue and glowing purple orbs that appear on the screen. Play the game, watch the reels spin and maybe, you can capture a little of this magic for yourself. There are dragons here. Will you tame them and control them, or choose to battle and defeat them?

Spin the Reels and Make Some Magic

The game board has five reels and three rows where the symbols appear, a standard slots game layout. When you play you will see a beautiful riot of color shades in bright fuschia, glowing jade green, sapphire blue and ruby red. But mostly, you will see dragons. They have different personalities. Some are cute, some are frightening and in a fantasy world, you never know what will happen.

Playing in the Enchanted Forest

Do you want to win big or lose as little as possible? You choose how you play this game. Bet as low as $0.20 or go all the way up to $5 to get a bigger payout. Feeling extra lucky? You can always increase how much you bid with the bonus bet feature. Click this button to automatically bet $1.25 extra on your next spin. While the bonus bet feature is turned on, you can get multipliers that increase your winnings.

Your Own Epic Fantasy Adventure

When you play this slots game, you get to write your own fantasy adventure. Choose your bet, play how you want and see where the symbols fall. Will the reels spin in your favor? Will you get the glory of riding through the fantasy world on the back of a dragon...or will the dragon turn and bite you?

Betting to Win with Doragon's Gems Slots

Look for Doragon's Gems Slots at digital casinos and start playing around in this epic fantasy world. You can become the hero of this game and the hero of your own bank account. That's not a bad way to spend time.